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SóPeso / Environmental
2008-2009 – 21 Restaurants. Several locations, Portugal

Client: SóPeso
Design director: Nuno Gusmão
Designers: Joana Gala, Miguel Matos, Giuseppe Greco
Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

Communication and environmental re-design of “SÓPESO”, a restaurant chain of traditional food. 
The request was to change the outdated image of the brand without losing its recognition in the market. 
It was also necessary to completely refresh the restaurants ambiance and attitude with very low
costs and quickly, without having to close the restaurants. 
A simplified color code were used to cover the surfaces of the space, a new lightning design lower
in intensity and lower altitude, new colors in old chairs, all this using the existing spatial elements. 
The trademark was reduced to a typographical representation and it was developed a world
of illustrations and typography to enrich and meet the needs of communication of its popular
and diverse offer.