REFLEX / Exhibition
A Assembleia Constituinte e a Constituição de 1911
2011 – Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic), Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Assembleia da República
Design director: Nuno Gusmão
Designers: Giuseppe Greco, Joana Proserpio
Photos: João Morgado

The exhibition held on the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic presented the Portuguese Constitution
of 1911 and the whole process of "construction" through text excerpts and speeches of deputies,
context images, cartoons, documents and some originals of documents.
Due to the characteristics of the exhibition room and its strong identity, the proposal attempted to reflect
the surrounding environment through an installation covered by mirrors. This as created interesting visual
and formal coincidences and a new perception of this space, also due to the symmetry of the room.
In the center of the room a volume of 3 per 14 meters mirrored on the side of the common approach
of the visitors showcased the exhibition title and the original of the Constitution of 1911.
The opposite side of the volume is all a light box revealing all the information in a graphic composition
similar to a newspaper layout where elements follow a sequential read time.