Museu de Lisboa
Jul 2014

Lisboa, Portugal

Ago 2014

Environmental and Wayfinding project,
Moscow, Russia

Jan 2014

Identity and Website,
Faculdade de Ciências | UL

Studio 03
Out 2013

Global design project,
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Environmental and Wayfinding project
for IPAM — The Marketing School

May I have your attention!

Environmental graphic design project
for the Sever do Vouga School

Hotel 3K Europa

Environmental and Wayfinding project
for the Hotel 3K Europa, Lisbon

"Caves no Porto"

Design Magazine, no.13, Set/Out 2013

Promontorium Sacrum

1st prize in the contest for the content conception of the new exhibitory center at Sagres Point

"Team of Many Talents", FRAME #89
nov/dez 2012

"For many Portuguese studios, surviving the crisis means diversifying - adding new facets to their work. Maybe they're simply taking a leaf out of P-06's book."

MNHNC — Natural History and Science Museum

A striking intervention inside and out this historic Lisbon museum reinvents the space. A light, unifying touch gives it a strong, cohesive identity.

Graham's Cellars
in progress

At the prestigious Graham's Wine Cellars in Porto, a new space is currently under progress, combining contemporaneity and tradition.

Séviac — 1st prize
November 2011

The P-06 proposal with João Luís Carrilho da Graça received 1st prize in the competition for protection and museology of the gallo-roman villa of Séviac - Montréal-du-Gers, in France. The proposal comprises the development of an interpretation and wayfinding system for the archeological complex.

Lisbon Bikeway

A bike path leading visitors on a whimsical path along the Tagus river in Lisbon. Strong graphic interventions signal turns and twists, while Fernando Pessoa verses appear in unexpected corners. Typography enriches and interprets the city, throughout the course of 7 kilometers.


Carolina Beatriz Ângelo was the first Portuguese woman to vote. A daughter of the first Republic, she was a remarkable woman whose many different facets were brought to life in this exhibition in Museu da Guarda. The catalog introduces her life and work in a similarly layered manner — and was the recipient of APOM's 2011 best exhibition catalogue award.

P-06 on "Signage Design" by Braun Publishing
January 2012

Released early this year, the "Signage Design" compendium features an array of the world’s best signage and wayfinding design projects.

The Red Dot jury 2014

Communication Design

Museu Santo António
Jul 2014

Global design project,
Alfama, Lisboa, Portugal

Museu da Água
Out 2014

Environmental and Identity,
Santa Apolónia, Lisboa, Portugal

The Arch

Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisboa, Portugal

EMEL Auditorium

Lisboa, Portugal

Historical route
São Cristóvão, Mouraria, Intendente




Identity (restyle)

Studio 08
Sep 2013

Global design project,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Graham's 1890 Lodge

Global design project for the Graham's 1890 Lodge,
Vila Nova de Gaia

To be or not to be

Enviromental graphic design project for the science library in the Pavilion of Knowledge

"Environmental System: P-06 Atelier"

IdN, International Edition, v20n1, Mar 2013

"P-06 Atelier is an international award-winning firm specialising in communication and environmental design on a wide range of projects..."

"Tempestade Criativa"

CX a revista da caixa, no.12, Ago 2013

National competition | unrealized

Ecovia e Ciclovias do Litoral Sudoeste
Wayfinding and Communication proposal


International competition | 5th prize

Museum for Underwater Antiquities in Piraeus
Environmental and Wayfinding proposal

Refracted Light

Environmental and Wayfinding for Knowledge Pavilion

"Reflex Exhibition"
eg02 - 2012 SEGD Global Design Awards

"This is brilliant. It takes a while to even realize what has happened in this space, it is so beautiful. This is such a mature response to historical architectural intervention that I now find it difficult to imagine a better way todo it." Jury comment


Editorial and illustration for Water Museum

Aseptic White

Museography for Pharmacy Museum

Rice Museum - Child Book

Editorial and illustration

SKIN distinguished with a Red Dot Award — Grand Prix
October 2011

The environmental design intervention SKIN was distinguished alongside 10 others, from a pool of 6,468 entrants, with a Grand Prix at the Red Dot Communication Design Awards in Essen, Germany. This striking illuminated interior is also a wayfinding system in the heart of the Pavilion of Knowledge, in Lisbon.

REFLEX / Exhibition

This mirrored, sculptural volume was the canvas for an exhibition celebrating the Portuguese Constitution of 1911 and the process behind its making.

Rice Museum

The new Rice Museum in Comporta celebrates this understated grain and brings to life the industrial process behind its making. Light plays a fundamental role in the installation, by dramatically staging the industrial archaeology behind the making of rice, and revealing the many stages of its processing.

TAP – Théâtre & Auditorium de Poitiers

The global design for the TAP — Théâtre et Auditorium in Poitiers, France went from coining the onomatopaeic "tap" — which gave a name to the building —, to choosing the bold yellow color and striking typographic interventions that today define what is a landmark of the city.

Water Formula

This wayfinding project combines vibrant colors and graphic interventions derived from chemical formulas. Cobalt blue and pure white signal specific areas, guiding the visitor from the inside out. The formulas signal specific spaces, and give character to the intervention.

NATO Summit Lisbon

As the world set eyes in Lisbon, world leaders met in a custom designed space which totaled 35,000 square meters. From the striking entrance with its grandiose light intervention, to the smaller meeting and press conference rooms, this global design project was effective, simple, and bold. Typography united all spaces, all languages and all participants.